Chapter One

If Time Could Tell

Words: 598

There was a place where time stood still, no one knew it's meaning. I for one understood nothing of it. Yet I pretended that I did have such an understanding. It wasn't until I was much older in life that understanding would come out and blossom as it were. But I was a young lad, no one needed to know the understanding I had at that moment.

December 21, 2579

It was the middle of war. Anyone who could fight was called to the fight. Not many people actually wanted to be at war with those that had come from above. It was something they were forced into. In exchange for their "volunteering" as it were, they were provided freedom. The majority of the people took that as a ticket out of whatever trouble they had found themsevles in.

I remember the day clearly, that terrible day the strangers from the sky came down to destroy us all. Their ships flooded the sky like masquitos, blocking out the sun as they landed. We were in darkness for what seemed like days. Yet it had only been a number of hours before they landed.

The aliens, who we came to know as The Chosen Ones (Okay, seriously? The Chosen Ones? To this day I still don't understand where they came up with that name for themselves!), landed in our major cities. Taking whatever resources they wanted without asking. They didn't care about who they had invaded, only that we had the resources they needed or wanted. I assumed it was a need, why else would they land?

I was a teenager during the time of the landings. There wasn't much to be had for us. We were all in school. The aliens didn't care about the youth of the generation...they should have; for we would be the ones to fight against them later in life.

I wonder if they understood that. Probably not. They weren't much for understanding, at least that's what I've learned over the years. It's more like their instincts came out more than anything. Perhaps it was a curse that they didn't think before action? I'm not sure.

Whatever their reasons, they were mean. Rude. Inconsiderate. Did I mention rude and mean? Oh I did? Well they were all those things. The aliens quickly enslaved the human race. I began work in the mines. Harvesting any and all resources they wanted their hands on. If it was good enough for the aliens, they wanted it. If it was good enough for the humans? They wanted it. Whatever they wanted they took. Talk about a waste of time. Our planet would be devistated within a matter of years.

We all knew it. People didn't talk about it, clearly out of respect for the elders of the cities. It was easier for the young people to grasp what was going on than the older generation...they just didn't quite grasp or understand it fully.

Naturally I didn't quesiton such things, why bother with that which I had no control over? There didn't seem a need for petty nonsense in my life. The less stress I had to deal with the better off I was.

The months passed. The mines continued to deliever up their goods. The Chosen Ones were pleased with their little adventure. All appeared to be right in the world. Well, as right as it could be. How soon we forgot who we were. It only took a handful of people dying before the rest of the population world took notice and kicked it into high gear.