Making Sense of the Dream

Welcome. there are many things in this life that I would like to try and figure out. It's not always an easy journey though. Sometimes we come and go as we please, yet we really do not have the answers we are searching for.

Lots of people have dreams. Ambition. Aspirations they wish to accomplish before they kick the bucket or leave this world as it were. I suppose that's why they call it a bucket list. You kick the bucket and bam you're gone.

The dream belongs in the past. There is no current dream to belong to.

Had I a dream, I would share it with everyone out there in the world if but a dream existed and there was a world to share.

The dream begins as it always does. I'm swimming in a pool. A man enters and points a gun at me. Before I can reach for my own weapon, he fires two rounds into my chest killing me. I wake up in a startled mess. My sheets are soaked from sweat. I live another day only to have the dream again another night.

After waking up, I have no recollection of why the bad guy was after me. It makes no sense. I have no clues except for what's in the dream itself.

What if we are on this earth at the expense of ourselves. People are watching us and making jokes, exchanging money on how our day will turn out. We are not alone in this life. People are watching. They watch our every movement to see if we will do as they expect us to do.

You could consider it a gamble. A game these people are playing, but they aren't playing with chips to be won at a casino. No, they are playing with people's lives.

In my dream I get tossed into the river. If I'm lucky the dream doesn't do a reset and I wake up. However there are times when I wake up wihin the dream. The events play out again esactly as they did the first, and I wake up a second time within the dream. You could say it's Inception. When I finally wake up, I have to question if this is real life or if I am still in the dream.

If I could simply forget the dream and never have it resurface that would be ideal. But the dream never goes away. I can't even begin to tell you how long I've had this dream night after night for a few days. It goes away for a little while, but then it comes back. Always the same story. Always the same outcome.

To touch that which is real only to find out it's false, the dream will catch you and take you in.

I often wonder if I shouldn't dwell on the dream. If the dream will just be there. If it's always going to be there, why should I dwell on whatever it is? Doesn't quite make sense I know, but maybe it will eventually.

The dream never makes any sense. I can dream it over and over again and it will never make sense to me. It's something I've come use to. Something I will simply have to live with and accept as time goes on.

What if the dream isn't real? What if it's just something that makes me think it's real? There are so many possibilities out there regarding the different dreams I have. I doubt I'll ever get through them all.

Touch the sky and see where it takes you. Dream the impossible and see what happens.

Dreams are different for everyone. Sometimes a dream can mean nothing at all. Other times a dream can mean something very real and have a deeper meaning than face value.

Life has a purpose and a plan to go along with it. Your dreams can be part of that plan and purpose. It doesn't have to be limited to the thoughts of other people. You have full reign to do as you please.

The Dreamer

You are the dreamer. There is nothing wrong with dreaming. You have aspirations you wish to fulfill in life. Some are grand while others are manageable. Either way life will come as it will and you will have the opportunity to make your dreams become known.

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