1. It is a noble thing to be doing that which is good. The works of men who do follow the God who gave them life is good and honorable.
  2. I know of God and His ways and of His son Jesus Christ.
  3. Jesus Christ came into the world to take upon Him the sins of the world.
  4. That same Jesus was born of a mortal mother and an immortal father, allowing Him the power over death to come forth in resurrection.
  5. I believe of the Holy Spirit also known as the Holy Ghost who is able to dwell in the hearts of men as a testimony of God the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
  6. I believe the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to be of one purpose but not one body, for they are three separate distinct individuals. The Father and The Son having bodies of flesh and bone, for they have been resurrected, and the Holy Ghost to be a personage of spirit.
  7. I sustain the doctrine that man may be saved through the redemption which Christ laid out for the world, that redemption being an eternal sacrifice, a final sacrifice to fulfill the law.
  8. And to this end was Christ crucified that we might be saved in the kingdom of our Father.
  9. I affirm in the coming days that we will come before God to be judged according to our works, thus being saved by the grace of Christ.
  10. I believe these things to be true, even so Amen.

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