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Sun April 14, 2019

Let's talk about today, shall we? Okay! Sounds great. What is there to discuss though? I mean here we are, there are so many thoughts and feelings out there are there not? Poeple come and go. There's nothing wrong with that thinking...just simply wishing there were options for us to understand.

All in all, we have religion. God wants His people to find joy in this life. Is that not the case? It is man who wishes to bring about something concrete and to try to have an understanding of that which is out there.

Some people would have you believe and think this life is meant to be something quite micaculous. Yet here we are. What's so special about that? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I'd rather not believe or think about things which don't matter. I mean, here we are wishing there are so many different options in this life and yet we don't have any kind of answer to any of it. We try to have answers, but we really don't have any kind of answers at all.

People say that we have ansewrs. They say a certain religion has all the answers. That's not the case though.

If you ask questions for specific ansewrs, you will usually get back well we don't have the answer to that. We simply don't know.

So...for a religion that has all the answers to everything, why would they then do a 180 and tell you they don't have the answer for that? That God has a reason for it all. That He will give the answers in His own due time etc.?

Doesn't quite make sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

... and their innocent blood on the floor of Carthage jail is a broad seal affixed to "Mormonism" that cannot be rejected by any court on earth ... D&C 135:7