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Wed April 24, 2019

Hello World! Still sick. Imagine that. Not feeling great. Taking the meds as prescribed. It's a good thing. Keep on keeping on.

Let's think about life for a moment. You are taught something from the start, the beginning of your life as it were. Constantly reminded that this is the only path, the only way to go.

You've learned this for years. Learned it over and over again. It's been drilled into your head until it's no longer a question.

Then, one day, you come across some information. Your first instinct is to not look at it, don't even bother with it. But then you remember some words that we are to search out truth and seek. So you do. It's from a soruce you've been told is approved, should be fine right? What's the problem.

The evidence brings about questions. Those questions don't have answers attached to them. The document or article only goes so far. The answers are simply not there. So what is a person to do with this knowledge? Trying to share it with others and looking for truth doesn't work. People don't want to know there are issues out there. They are happy and peaceful not knowing.

When you do attempt to show them the article or whatever you found, they look at you with disgust and ask where you found it. If you tell them from an approved source, they don't believe you.

If you're lucky they won't turn you away completely. Not everyone is so lucky.

... and their innocent blood on the floor of Carthage jail is a broad seal affixed to "Mormonism" that cannot be rejected by any court on earth ... D&C 135:7