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Mon May 13, 2019

Another week begins, I suppose that's an okay thing to happen. Life comes and goes as it is. But that's life for you. There's no reason to hold anything against it. Life will simply be life. No matter what you do, you really don't have any kind of control over it. That's how life takes place.

Sometimes you wish you could have a better handle on it all, yet that doesn't happen. Life finds a way to detour you down different paths and you don't know where you're going after that. So you hang on for the ride and see where it takes you.

It's not very glamorous at all. Life isn't meant to be that way. It's just meant to be simple. Simple life with the simple trials that come with it. However not every trial is a simple one. Some trials are more difficult than others. Yet here we are waiting for some kind of end to eventually come our way. Why bother with that which we have no control over? There's no reason to worry about it.

... and their innocent blood on the floor of Carthage jail is a broad seal affixed to "Mormonism" that cannot be rejected by any court on earth ... D&C 135:7