The Future Is Behind You



Everything becomes a realism at some point or another. No one decides what you wish to believe or want to understand. That is up to you. To want to believe in something takes courage. To want to understand what that belief is? Even more courage. What it all takes is courage to see the truth in something no matter what.

There are times when we do not want to see the truth. We want to hide from it all. Kept safe in the world we created for ourselves. That peace of mind upon which we have the ability to stand.

The Mutant

Life didn't seem to matter that much. It wasn't in the cards for Mike. He wanted something better to happen, something better to take place, but it never did. Mike was what you would call a mutant. He wasn't human, and yet he wasn't fully alien. He was a cross breed.

Scientists would do whatever research they wanted to on him. He wasn't fond of that much. Everytime they would probe him, he would jump. A blood sample here, a saliva sample there. They wnated to know what made him tick.

Mike wasn't one for games. It had to end.

Writing has always been soothing to me. Something where I can just be me. I'm able to write about whatever I want to write about and understand what it is to be me.