The Future Is Behind You



Living a life that's full and free
Never a moment yet to be seen
Let it come out in the darkest of nights
If only a moment we breathe a relief

The Savior

The Street was full of people
A bright star in the sky
People were looking heavenward
A Savior was nearby

The boy was born of Mary
And sent from God above
To fulfill a mission
And show us of His love

As life moved on He grew
And always remembered the plan
Given of His father
He was no ordinary man

He taught the people boldly
With authority from God
The parables He'd given
Would help out in His cause

The Jews rejected His message
He knew that He would die
Yet He still spake boldly
"I am that bread of life."

He suffered in a garden
With apostles outside the gate
The soldiers took Him captive
And He died on Calvary

The heavens cried with thunder
As rain fell to the earth
Christ had done what was needed
Ever since His birth

Three days passed with darkness
A resurrection came
Jesus fulfilled His mission
So we can know His name

Friends For Eternity

You were standing on my step that rainy afternoon
I opened the door and allowed you entrance, I made room
As you entered my life I felt your spirit reach out to me
I knew we would be friends for eternity

The Spirit

If you're quiet, you can hear it
That still small voice we call the Spirit
The Spirit is a peacful whisper
A still small voice that sinks deeper

Piano Of Life

I rest my hands on white keys
A piano sits in front of me
I began to play a song or two
From a Hymn Book in my view

The Grand Piano's made of oak
I think to myself "Will it float"?
The song continues and with time
My Orchestra of life sounds just fine

Happy B-Day

"Happy Birthday" I sing to you
Even though its words are few
I hope that you will have a day
Where you can sleep in and play

Everyone comes here to earth
It's that miracle we call birth
From that time on we celebrate
Our birth event at a yearly rate

Birthdays can be a source of joy
A time to yell "Wow!" and "Oh Boy!"
It's your special day set aside
So take the car for a joy ride

When your birthday comes around
Don't be staring at the ground
Get up, get out, and get away
I hope you enjoy your happy day!

Ode To My Cat

Oh little kitty
how you must purr
live life to it's fullest
and not choosing to grrr

My precious sunshine
why do you care
to meow at shadows
and laugh at thin air?

Light beams come and go
through the world you see
only staying for a brief moment
then flying away like a bee

So little Kenya
who's name has been changed
to one called Maggie
my you are strange

Poems about animals
are meant as a gift
not to mock or blame
but rather to uplift

My little cat
who sits on my lap
falls asleep so easily
and takes a long long nap

There is nothing more soothing than the rythmic words of poetry. To be able to express yourself in such a manner is a wonderful feeling.